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Let our experienced mentors offer their expertise

At Careerly, we've walked your path. As experienced tech professionals and former STEM students in the U.S., we understand the challenges you face. Our commitment is to empower students like you, starting early in your journey.

We are experienced in aiding last-minute transformations, but we also believe in the power of long-term and early planning. Our comprehensive services include helping you excel in technical school projects, secure prestigious summer internships, and eventually receive competitive full-time offers.

As a small, dedicated firm, we prioritize a select number of clients, ensuring the highest level of personalized planning and attention. Join us today, and let's embark on your journey to tech success.


Led by experienced and trusted industry experts

Fresh Folk - Standing-4_edited.png
Alex, Co-Founder



- Product Design and Mechanical Engineer @ Apple

- Previously @ Google


- Interviewed 30+ new graduates and junior engineers at Apple

- Previously interviewed 50+ rounds at top tech companies and received multiple offers from Apple, Tesla, Meta, Google, and HP


- Technical hardware interviews

- Application strategy

- Resume revision

Fresh Folk -
Hui, Co-Founder



- Senior Software Engineer @ Stripe

- Top 12 Computer Science programs in the U.S.


- Interviewer at Stripe for 2+ years

- Interviewed 50+ SWE applicants


- Fast tracking student's Leetcode progress

- Online assessment coaching

- Core computer science concepts

- Tailored interview preparation for specific companies

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