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Long Term Hardware Engineering Track

Step 1: Discover your Path

Let's start by considering your personality traits, interests, and career goals. These will play a pivotal role in determining what aspect of hardware engineering you might be best suited for. Are you a problem-solver who enjoys tackling complex designs? Or do you prefer research and development, working on deep technology? We will explore currently in-demand domains (Consumer Electronics, Autonomous Vehicle, Medical, Defense, etc) and guide you towards them. Understanding your strengths and interests will help you identify the competitive fields in tech that best align with your potential.

Step 2: Elevate Your Technical Skills

Once you've identified your potential and interests, it's time to start building your technical skills and working on projects. We will help you build a breadth of technical engineering projects. This will give you a broad understanding of the field and help you find your niche. These small projects will bolster your resume and showcase your skills. Whether you want to be working at a top tier self driving company or consumer electronic companies, we will help you build the perfect fresh graduate profile.

Step 3: Prepare for Your 1st Internship

Getting the first internship is the most difficult step. An internship provides valuable hands-on experience and can often lead to a full-time job offer.

We will help you identify top companies in your field that have competitive internship program. After that, we will provide our extensive experience reviewing, analyzing, and crafting resumes that secure interviews at top tech companies to ensure your success. We provide detailed guidance based on target industry, role, and your personal strengths so it is a unique and competitive resume. We will also upgrade your LinkedIn profile and attract recruiters, so interviews come to you! 

Step 4: Secure Your 1st Internship Offer

What we do best is to help you pass the interview and secure an offer. You will receive personalized support tailored to each company's interview process, boosting your confidence through mock interviews and sharpening your competitive edge. Gain insights and detailed feedback based on hidden criteria, recruiter and HR expectations. Access real interview questions and effective preparation methods. We will transform you into an interview pro who can crush any interview.

Step 5: Long Term Planning

Beyond securing your first internship offer, we will continuously provide career planning service so you can grow and succeed in the chosen field. We help students secure multiple internships throughout the years, as well as full time offers when they're graduating. 
At the end of the long term career planning, students often transition to the short term career sprint path to make one final push for competitive full time offers. 

Step 8: Long-Term Planning

To ensure you have a solid career plan for the next 5 years, we will explore options for him to either grow within his current company or leverage his experience to pursue bigger and better opportunities. I will also provide tips on excelling in a real work environment, considering your limited prior experience.

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