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Our clients have great things to say about Careerly



Careerly team guided me throughout my university journey. Over the past 4 years, with their personalized and detailed planning, I landed opportunities at top tech companies like Google, Amazon, and Meta, despite having zero prior industry experience.
They have a well structured organization, and are amazing at keeping to their promises and objectives.
The abundance and variety of expertise they bring to the table makes them an invaluable support system.



Best career consultation team out there! They helped strategize and personalized a Hardware TPM career path that fits my interest and experience.

Once they overhauled my resume, I started getting interviews at companies like Apple, Tesla, and Microsoft. They also guided me through the challenging technical onsite interviews, sharing lots of past interview questions and detailed explanations.

If you're having trouble getting interviews I definitely recommend Careerly.



The entire process of free consultation, career plan discussion, payment, and execution was very smooth and seamless.

They offered so much value! Careerly team has a wealth of knowledge in CS and SWE careers. They also have great insights as to what and how the recruitment or application process is like. They provided me a comprehensive plan on Leetcode preparation and guided me through the reviews of fundamental CS topics.

They're all very amicable and easy to talk to, making the whole process feel more fun than dreadful.


James' Transformation with Careerly


James during his internship at Amazon headquarter in Seattle

Meet James, an international student from Vietnam, who embarked on an inspiring journey from novice to highly sought-after software engineer at Applied Intuition, right out of college.


Starting college with no prior coding experience can be daunting. James faced this challenge, but with Careerly's guidance, he navigated through it successfully. We helped him choose the right courses, laying a strong foundation for his computer science career even before he started college.


Our partnership with James extended throughout his college years, ensuring his academic excellence and career goals were on track. With our mentorship, he achieved a remarkable 4.0 GPA and secured a scholarship worth $15k per year, making quality education affordable.


Internships play a crucial role in landing dream jobs, and James excelled in this area. He secured a Google internship in his first year, a remarkable achievement for someone new to coding. Throughout college, he received multiple internship offers and interviews, thanks to our meticulous planning and guidance.


But our support went beyond academics and internships. We mentored James to be financially savvy, helping him earn and invest a significant lump sum during college, allowing him to afford a comfortable lifestyle on his own.

Despite graduating during a challenging job market, James's technical skills and resilience set him apart. He landed a job at Applied Intuition with an impressive compensation package, straight out of college.


James' journey epitomizes Careerly's mission: transforming aspiring individuals into achievers. While we played a vital role, his dedication and belief in his potential were essential. At Careerly, we're here to guide your journey, whether you're a novice or a tech enthusiast. Your success is our triumph, and every triumph reshapes the tech industry, one career at a time. Join us and start writing your success story.

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