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We provide unequalled advantage to our clients

Personalized career evaluation and planning:

  • For students undecided about their major or career direction, we conduct a personalized assessment to align interests and strengths with the tech industry. We will then recommend relevant courses for exploration.

  • Once the major is chosen, we then create customized timelines and offer ongoing support through regular follow-ups and other detailed services we provide. 

​Resume services:

  • We provide templates and help revise students' resumes for college, internship, and full-time applications.

  • Our extensive collection of resume examples caters to various tech fields, offering guidance on how to create a standout resume and LinkedIn profile. 

Technical academic consultation:

  • We assist in selecting courses that fast-track career progression and recommend on-campus opportunities. Students will receive guidance on personal projects and technical skill development even while not interning. 

  • For those interested in master or PhD, we align their research focus with industry needs, providing tips and feedback from an employer's perspective.

Internship application guidance:

  • We assist students in navigating unique application processes for international students, helping them discover opportunities that align with their goals and skill level.

Networking opportunities:

  • We connect students with tech professionals for one-on-one interactions and referrals to top tech companies.

Technical mock interview preparation:

  • We offer a structured training plan for enhancing technical skills, focusing on topics relevant to the students' majors (CS: LeetCode, data structures, algorithms, system design, etc).

  • Students benefit from practicing with interviewers from relevant tech companies, increasing their understanding of tech interview topics and boosting their confidence under high-pressure settings.

Full-Time offer negotiation:

  • We provide insights into salary expectations and offer package maximization, based on exclusive industry insights that students otherwise won't have access to. 

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